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Seeneez catering is a perfect combination of excellent cuisines, event planning, and hospitality. We implement both ambitious and small-scale catering events for all types of sectors. It goes without saying that the quality of food has a great impact in every event.  A friendly and elegant environment also add up to their effectiveness. We create such an environment where you’ll have a memorable time with quality food and exceptional customer care.


Seeneez Express focus on providing premium quality drinks and snacks prepared by unique recipes. You can find popular brands every prominent location, but common folks can’t afford them because of their costs. Seeneez Express is determined to fill that gap by offering a wide variety of inexpensive drinks and snacks in a friendly and classy atmosphere.


Our Café came into being as a natural progression of the Group’s success in the restaurant industry in Saudi Arabia. Seeneez Café measures up to any global brands, and we’re better than them in many aspects. Our beverages follow the delicious Arabic culinary traditional with a unique approach in the making. If you want to have a feast of aroma and flavour in a comforting ambiance, Seeneez Café will be your favorite choice.


Our restaurant offers an exquisite range of cuisines, including Arabic, Continental, Western, and many other delicacies. We’re particular about the superior quality of the ingredients in our recipes. Our association with fresh produce distributors enable us to maintain the standard of our dishes all the time. All our dishes are filled with enticing features, and you can also get a chance to experience our unique variety of delicious flavours.


Seeneez is the leading Hajj and Umrah catering service provider in Saudi Arabia. Our experience in restaurant and catering business in Makkah and Madinah helps us to deliver timely and tasty catering solutions. We customize our dishes according to your specific requirements. With our dedicated team including expert chefs and logistic professionals, we’ve become the most sought-after brand in food services during Hajj and Umrah.